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A Natural Gas fireplace or insert adds instant warmth to a room and creates a cozy atmosphere without the hassle and mess created by a wood fireplace.  Today's technology allows you to install a natural gas fireplace almost anywhere in your home. 

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Add it to your gas bill interest free for up to 18 months (after 30% down), for qualified homeowners.

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Gas Fireplaces & Inserts

Empire Firebox

36" Deluxe Firebox VFD-36-FBOF

Product details

Empire Innsbrook Insert

Vent-Free Insert VFP28IN

Product details

Empire Outdoor Fireplace

Carol Rose Coastal Collection

Product details

Monessen Solstice Insert

VFI33LNV Vent Free Insert

Product details

Vail 26

Vent Free Fireplace Vail Packaged Unit

Product details